We Have A Passion For Being On The Water

That passion was how our company began in 2012. If you've ever struggled with your anchor, then Hurricane Boat Anchors will change your boating experience forever. 

Hurricane Boat Anchors are the World's only short scope anchor! We are Florida's #1 choice and most trusted anchor for all bottom types. Our anchors are specifically designed to set quickly with minimal line and maximize your time on the water.

Like everything we have seen in our lifetime, technology changes and we find a better way to do something. If you are not using a Hurricane Boat Anchor, you are losing time on the water.

This anchor combines the features of several anchors into one, with a never before seen backplate that acts as a parachute to stop the anchor from dragging. The result is the fastest setting, and easiest to release anchor that can also be used at a 2:1 scope if needed. Making it ideal for very deep water, or at the sandbar, or crowded areas where 5:1 isn't always practical.

We perfected the most reliable, fastest setting anchor ever created and back it up with a Money Back Guarantee.

No more struggling with cheap or heavy anchors that do not work. Our anchors are 100% made in the USA. When you need a reliable anchor that will set quickly and hold your boat in a variety of bottom types and conditions, then Hurricane Boat Anchors are your solution.

We are so confident in our anchors that we are setting the bar high and are the only company in the industry to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our anchors - even if they have been used. So get it out on your boat and get it wet, dirty, and put it to the test.


Watch the video below and see how this anchor can change your boating experience.

Florida angler captain Jimmy Nelson gives an overview:

Does your anchor refuse to set? Or skip along and feel like a fish is biting it?


See how quickly the anchor sets and stops the boat in just seconds!

Anchor shown rigged up with the "breakaway" zip tie release method.


Less Rope + Less Chain = Less Mess!

Hurricane Boat Anchors can set and function on a 2:1 scope in most sand and mud bottoms.

Compare this to 5:1 with all other anchors... 

What does that mean?

No more overshooting your spot!

Get your boat anchored faster, easier, and with less line than you ever thought possible!

Hurricane Boat Anchor holding rock solid at a 2:1 scope on a 38' boat weighing 11,000+ lbs.


A More In-Depth Look At Anchoring

 Traditional fluke or plow type designs rely on needing to penetrate very very deeply to build up any type of resistance, or they will drag. Even once set, they can still break loose.


Stopping The Anchor

The revolutionary design of the Hurricane Boat Anchor makes it the first ever to utilize a “backplate” at the rear of the anchor.

The concept is quite simple actually – if you stop the anchor, you stop the boat. The backplate acts as a parachute. Or can be compared to a snowplow, or bulldozer that builds a wall of resistance.


 This picture shows early prototype testing on the beach in a controlled environment. Although not underwater, it helps to understand why the design of the Hurricane Boat Anchor is so effective.


After moving one foot or less, the buildup begins to increase. Each inch it moves, it just builds up more and more resistance until the anchor cannot move. This is why the anchor does not need a 5:1 scope to reach solid ground - it creates its own firm holding ground. 

And this is why the bottom type does not matter to our anchors – sand, mud, clay, grass, gravel, rocks, or any combination – the Hurricane Anchor will stop.

Soft Bottom

In a soft bottom, the flukes will engage the bottom immediately, and many times the anchor will not need to go very deep to generate enough holding power. 

Typically, this is enough to stop the boat, even before the sand/mud/clay reaches the backplate.

Hard Bottom: Skimming = Setting

In a very hard sand or mud bottom, fluke and Danforth anchors will typically feel like they are doing the "skip-set-skip" as they are skating across the bottom. This is because as the flukes are forced down, the pivoting handle begins to lift up if the anchor is not set at the perfect speed, and with a 5:1 or more scope.

Now compare this to the fixed handle of the Hurricane Anchor, and the revolutionary design. The Hurricane Anchor will essentially "skim" the top for the first few inches until the sand/mud/etc reaches the base, which will then begin to draw it down.

What this "skimming" does is ensure the anchor won't skip - because regardless of the bottom type you are in, once the sand, mud, gravel, clay, weeds, etc reach the beginning of the base (as indicated by the black line) then we know that anchor is going down and will set. 

The physics of the anchor, and its design nearly guarantee a set at that point and it cannot skip or drag. Now combine that with the backplate, and you have virtually a zero chance of the anchor ever skipping or dragging.
The weight of the buildup on the anchor adds to its holding power, which allows this anchor to function at 2:1. This is why the bottom type does not matter to the Hurricane – even in soft mud like pudding!
Learn how our Breakaway Release Method can help prevent you from losing another stuck anchor.