Anchor Storage

We often get asked where our anchors should be stored. But since every boat and its compartments are different, it isn't a straight forward question to answer.

Many times the front center compartment designated as the anchor locker does not have enough space to accommodate New Generation Anchors such as the Hurricane Boat Anchor. This is common for boats in the 18-27 foot range, which typically have a very small compartment meant for a fluke anchor.
anchor storageHowever, many of our customers will simply store the anchor in another compartment nearby, and put other items in the anchor locker.  Our typical customers are those who are looking for a better anchoring solution, because they've realized the unreliable factory anchor provided with their boat is not adequate enough. (Be sure to clean the anchor locker compartment first)
anchor storage


So, if anchoring your boat quickly and reliably is important to you, then there is always a way to store it, or put it in another compartment. As we have seen the size and weights of boats increase in today's market, unfortunately we have not seen the boat manufacturers dedicating the proper space needed for an anchor to protect your investment, and keep your boat safe.

If you have any questions regarding anchor storage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our 30 day return policy also allows you to return the anchor if it does not fit, or for any other reason.