Sizing & Dimensions

How To Select Your Anchor Size

Generally when choosing an anchor as your primary front anchor, it is recommended to select it based on the 30 mph wind rating.
The chart below can be used as a starting point based on your boat size, and the manner in which you use your boat.
Boats 22' and under have a little more leeway in choosing an anchor size, since they are not likely to be out in 30 mph wind conditions. 
All anchors except the 7 lb anchor are rated for 30 mph wind conditions.
The  7 lb anchor is a compact model for smaller boats, in 20 mph wind or less. It is meant to replace the low grade factory anchor typically supplied with your boat, or be used as a rear anchor or backup anchor.

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Chain Length

Hurricane Boat Anchors can function on as little as 3-4' of chain. However when using the breakaway release method it is necessary to use at least another 1-2 feet to help offset the extra weight of the chain that is placed onto the anchor's center of gravity. This will aid the anchor in setting, and not lying on its side.


Using More Chain

Using a longer length of chain will not affect the performance of your Hurricane Boat Anchor. In fact, some larger cruisers have an all chain rode.
By using longer lengths of chain such as 6-12 feet, you can now use the anchor at a shorter scope, which can be especially beneficial in crowded areas, or very deep water.
Note: If you anchor frequently in areas where it is highly likely to lose an anchor in the rocks, we do not recommend using more than a total of 6 feet of chain - even if you rig the anchor up for the breakaway release.
The reason is that a long length of chain is more likely to get caught in between rocks and debris when lying on the bottom, and not allow you to release it. Typically the anchor rope will not get hung up in rocks and debris.

Having more chain can also help to compensate if using a smaller anchor


For example, your 22 foot boat does not have enough storage space to fit the 14 lb anchor. You can choose to go with the 10 lb model, and rather than only using the 3-4 foot minimum chain, increase that to 8-12 feet for offshore use, and 6-10 feet for lakes & rivers. The extra chain will help keep the anchor angled down more, and increase your holding power.

Note that many fluke/danforth anchors, as well as plow anchors, typically recommend one foot of chain for every foot of the length of your boat. The cutting edge design of the Hurricane Boat Anchor does not require this.