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The World's Fastest Setting Short Scope Anchor
Hurricane Boat Anchor holding rock solid at a 2:1 scope on a 38' boat weighing 11,000+ lbs
Florida Angler Captain Jimmy Nelson gives an overview of the Hurricane Boat Anchor's advantages

Hurricane Boat Anchors are easy to release - simply draw in the line to move the boat directly over the top of the anchor, and lift up.
Note: Anchor shown here without being rigged up for the "break-away" release




Does your anchor keep on sliding? Not with a Hurricane Anchor!
A customer submitted video from Charlotte Harbor, Florida showing how quickly the anchor sets in a 15 mph wind without backing down.
Note: The anchor was removed from the roller for demonstration purposes, and the speed at which the anchor set almost caused the user to be pulled overboard.


Hurricane Boat Anchors are great for the sandbar when a short scope, and quick setting is needed for crowded areas
Florida Angler Brooke Thomas With Her 7 lb Mini Hurricane Anchor
The 14 lb anchor holding solid with very little scope, and barely even dug i
The 14 lb anchor pulls up tightly even on internal windlass systems
Even in the finest sand, the patented backplate slows the anchor down, which results in extremely fast setting with maximum holding power
The 22 lb Stainless Steel Hurricane on a 10m Trojan 
The 7 lb Mini Hurricane Anchor was designed to fit in a standard 5 gallon bucket with plenty of room to also store your rope and chain.
Perfect if you pull anchor and move frequently - simply toss the mucky anchor in a bucket.
Never lose another stuck with our "breakaway" release method

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